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Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble, President

President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble

Welcome to Glimpse – the new digital publication produced especially for you, our valued Webster University alumni worldwide.

It is fitting in this, Webster’s centennial year, for us to celebrate the forward-thinking nature of those who have come before us and to envision our continued growth and innovation as we move into our second century.

That’s why we decided to adopt an online, interactive format for this new publication; like Webster itself, Glimpse is forward-thinking. Not only are digital publications more environmentally friendly and economical, but they also allow for virtually limitless reader engagement through interaction with social media channels. (We encourage you to “like,” “share” and “comment” on the stories you read in Glimpse.) Not being hamstrung by ‘page count’ also allows us to deliver more and enhanced content, while the digital format allows you, our readers, to ‘digest’ that content in manageable portions.

With more than 170,000 living alumni worldwide and almost 20,000 students studying at campus locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, it’s really not possible to cover every newsworthy story from the Webster University global network. So Glimpse will give you just that: a glimpse into some of the many fascinating and compelling stories about Webster and its alumni, students, faculty and friends.

Our inaugural issue includes features on Webster’s centennial, an innovative partnership between our College of Fine Arts and Variety Children’s Theatre, the anti-sex trafficking Bijlmer Project from our Leiden campus, and our mesmerizing Commencement speaker — singer and stage, screen and television star, Webster alumna Jenifer Lewis ’79.

I hope Glimpse inspires you, educates and entertains, and strengthens the lifelong affinity between you and your alma mater.