Humans of WebsterU

Graduate student Shikha Ralleigh, who is studying advertising and marketing, is a fan of the well-known “Humans of New York” blog, a photography project begun in 2010 by New Yorker Brandon Stanton. He says he set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers on the street, and create an “exhaustive catalogue” of the city’s inhabitants. Along the way, he says, he also started interviewing those people and including quotes and stories from their lives with their photos.

Since then, the blog has enjoyed a massive following on social media, with more than 16 million followers on Facebook. In addition, it has spawned numerous “Humans Of” blogs worldwide.

In February, Humans Of came to Webster University, courtesy of Ralleigh. It was the result of a brainstorming session she had with students involved in Webster’s International Student Association. Ralleigh launched the Humans of WebsterU Facebook page, confident it could be used to feature the stories of Webster students, faculty and staff worldwide.

“We all have different backgrounds and different mindsets,” Ralleigh said, “but at heart, everyone’s the same. The thing that really binds them is what we find inside of ourselves. We share the same emotions, we laugh at the same things and cry at the same things.”

The stories on the Humans of WebsterU Facebook page are indeed fascinating. Take a look at Humans of Webster Facebook.

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