Siblings at School

Jeff Royer, BS ’10, MS ’10

Brian Royer, BA ’13, BS ’13, MS ’13

 by Jennifer Starkey, BA ’98, MA ’16

Jeff and Brian Royer both selected Webster University for their undergraduate and graduate educations. Jeff Royer graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2010 and a master’s degree in finance in 2010. Brian received two undergraduate degrees, one in computer science, one in management and then also received his master’s degree in computer science in 2013. Brian and Jeff were on campus at the same time and while they didn’t have courses together, they found a way to share their Webster University experience.

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What made you both decide to attend Webster University?

My main reasons for attending Webster included affordability, location, and degree programs. Webster offered me a number of scholarships and work-study opportunities while providing me with the degree path I desired. I was able to graduate with two degrees without being saddled with a great deal of debt. Also, growing up and living in the St. Louis area my whole life, I didn't have much desire to move out of state so the local campuses worked out well. With all that aside, having an older sibling currently attending did aid in my transition into college.

My brothers definitely influenced my decision to attend Webster. Jeff was a senior when I was a freshman. Having seen their positive experiences in all areas, I already had a very good understanding of what type of college and educational experience I would receive from Webster.

Were you able to spend much time together on campus?

One of my fondest memories of Webster was when Jeff and I competed in the inaugural Mario Kart Wii championships. We came in first and second place. Jeff took the top honors unfortunately. Also, both Jeff and I worked for Residential Life. One of our very first tasks together was putting up the bunk bed in Maria Hall after having to transport them all the way from West Hall. To this day, Jeff and I still come back to Webster and participate in various events like Webster Works and the Homecoming alumni vs. student flag football game.

After three years of guarding Brian in the alumni vs. student football game, I was very fond of him graduating. Although I didn't have any classes with my brothers or participate in any of the same organizations, being able to just grab lunch with a family member was a great treat, especially as a newer student.

What parts of Webster were you able to share with each other?

I think all of our educational experiences were very similar. We all were a part of the Walker School of Business and Technology and often times interacted with the same faculty and staff. Even outside of the classroom, we followed similar paths. We all were involved with various campus activities and organizations. We all transitioned from living on campus to an off-campus apartment. We even all met our future wives at Webster University. Needless to say, Webster was a huge building block for all of our future endeavors.

I believe all of us put a primary focus on our education, ensuring that we didn't forget the real reasons we were attending Webster.  We all got involved but in a variety of ways, joining different clubs and attending different events, but we all stayed fairly active.  We each lived on campus our freshman year, which allowed us to get better connected with the school. And as Brian said, all of us met our significant others at Webster University over the years as well.

What were your fondest memories of Webster?

My fondest memories all stem from the great friends I made along the way and the memories we still reminisce over to this day. From playing ultimate Frisbee in the quad, to hanging out in the UC between classes, to cheering on all the sports teams.  There was something to do almost every day, and we always tried to take advantage of that and had fun with it.

My fondest memory of Webster was being a part of the Student Ambassadors organization my senior year. The previous couple years, I wasn’t able to be as involved with campus as I would have liked due to a strict class schedule in addition to having an internship. It was great to be an ambassador for the university giving me the opportunity to converse with such a wide audience. My fellow ambassadors were also such a great group to work with and led to many lasting friendships.

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