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Photo by Inocencio Boc, BA ’93

Welcome to our fourth issue of Glimpse – the digital publication for Webster University Alumni worldwide. I am particularly excited to present this issue to you, as it demonstrates a theme I have encouraged throughout this academic year – We are all Webster.

As a university committed to transforming ourselves and our students for individual excellence and global citizenship, the stories included in this issue of Glimpse exhibit each of these qualities and more. You will read about a Broadway star, an esteemed writer, and a master distiller – all graduates of Webster – and all exceptionally accomplished. You will read about five alumni entrepreneurs using their Webster education as the foundation for innovative careers as professionals and business owners.

You will see the sites of our Webster-Geneva campus and learn about the global experience of our students in Switzerland. And you will hear from Webster families – mothers, daughters, sons, brothers, aunts, and cousins – who have shared a unique Webster experience through multiple generations.

As you read this latest edition of Glimpse, I invite you to reflect on your own Webster experience, rooted in the same mission and ideals that have lasted for over a century. Though we continue to evolve and change to meet students’ needs, at the very heart of Webster - are inquisitive students meeting with talented faculty - learning together, asking questions, understanding cultures, evaluating assumptions and arguments, communicating ideas and developing plans to solve problems. It is the inspiration that happens - on both sides of learning - that has been the hallmark of Webster since its founding, and that continues today. No matter if you walked at Commencement 50 years ago or last Spring… I am proud to say, We are all Webster.